You Can Live Without Soft Water...But It's Hard
 You Can Live Without Soft Water...But It's Hard

Installations & Repairs

H2O to GO's  friendly professional service techs have been installing and servicing water softeners for over 28 years and unlike  most plumbing companies, our guys and girls are not paid by incentives. They won't sell you something you don't need or jack up the prices. Plus, we hate waiting for service techs as much as you do. Thats why we give our customers a 2 hour window time.  So if you


  • just moved into a house with a system already there,
  • Want to move your system to your new home
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters need to be changed
  • Need Salt
  • Or something just don't taste or feel right


ESTIMATES ARE FREE if we don't fix it you pay nothing!!!

Emergency Service

Imagine coming home one day to find that your house is flooded because of  a leak in your water treatment system or you have no water.  A situation like this calls for quick and professional help.


Any time you have an emergency, we'll be there to help you solve your problems with our prompt, courteous and professional service.  

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