You Can Live Without Soft Water...But It's Hard
 You Can Live Without Soft Water...But It's Hard

CDS (Custom Drinking Station)

The CDS (Custom Drinking Station) is a truly custom system using 4 to 10 stages of purification and cleaning depending on your desires.


Customizable Options Include:

  • Filtered
  • Traditional Reverse Osmosis
  • Replenished with Natural Minerals
  • Alkaline Water
  • Additional Filters

You choose the options that are right for you and your drinking water needs.

Product Description


A drinking water system that is customized for the drinking water you want.

This system uses 4 to 10 stages, depending on your needs.

Stage 1 

Multi stage pre filter, triple layered, traps particles of 5 microns or larger, surpasses industry standards

Stage 2

Coconut carbon block, 100% organic coconut shell carbon, removes organic and inorganic chemicals, VOCs, chlorine, taste, and odor, surpasses industry standards

Stage 3

Semipermeable membrane, produces 75GPD, removes all harmful elements such as viruses, bacteria, biological and chemical contaminants to 0.001 microns, only allowing pure water molecules for consumption

Stage 4

Customizable filter

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