You Can Live Without Soft Water...But It's Hard
 You Can Live Without Soft Water...But It's Hard

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Exceptional Quality

“I began receiving daily visits from water softener companies when I first purchased my house. Fortunately, H2O to go was particularly persistent despite my initial hesitance. I didn’t want to spend more than a thousand dollars on a unit I didn’t see much importance; however, I quickly learned how essential this unit was to myself and my house. Nema, the representative that serviced my neighborhood was extremely knowledgeable about the harshness of Las Vegas water and of the machines he was selling. After several months of me putting off a meeting to test our water I finally agreed to have it tested. The results were eye opening. After seeing the garbage I was putting into my body from our ‘filtered tap’ and watching the water stains accumulate on my shower glass and plumbing, I decided I would purchase a unit.

Although the unit seemed expensive at first, Nema offered several options on which unit would best fit my lifestyle. It is my personal opinion that you will truly get what you pay for. These units are superior to any water softener offered by competitors and retail stores. Based on the amount of junk that contaminates Las Vegas water, purchasing a unit will very likely prevent a multitude of health problems caused by hard water with contaminants like chlorine, pharmaceuticals, waste, and jet fuel. After just two days I noticed a considerable difference in health (ie: skin, hair) as well as my dishes and laundry; plus, the water was so pure I even felt more energized. I will never need to buy bottled water again as the unit I purchased removes all hardness, all chemicals, all contaminants, and all pharmaceuticals. Not only is this company dedicated to giving you your money’s worth, which is evident by there professionalism and lifetime warranty, they are also military friendly and will help you in your travels by disengaging the system when you’re ready to move.

If you’re looking to purchase a system but are limited by a budget, H2O to go offers several different models ranging in price. If you’re even thinking of going with a competitor to save a couple hundred dollars I urge you to consider investing in the superior system that will change your life in a positive way. Never once did I feel pressured by Nema to hastily purchase a unit. The experience was very relaxing while informative at the same time, proving that while this is their job, they genuinely care about the customer.”

Jared L.
January 21, 2013
From InsiderPages

“We moved into our brand new home and my sister answered the door and a sales rep from H2O to go was not courteous at all. My sister simply told him we’re busy and brushed his rudeness away. Then Nima shows up and he was very friendly and courteous. We bought the top of the line system and it’s great. Everyday I take a shower I feel like my body is already smooth from the water itself. Washing dishes leave a lot less of the water spots on the dishes. If you ever need H2O to Go I recommend contacting NIma and purchase from him. Best sales rep.”

Gary Y.
February 6, 2013
From CitySearch

“We recently moved to Las Vegas and noticed the water tasted different, but we did not know just how tainted the water really is. Nima (H2O to Go rep) came and showed us what we needed to know to make the best decision for our family. We were quite skeptical about getting a water softening system before the presentation and had already made our mind up that we wouldn’t be buying anything. Nima’s presentation opened our eyes. We are now the proud owners of the Custom DB water softening system.

We noticed an immediate difference in the taste of our water. It took a few days, but we also noticed a difference in our skin and hair after showering. I can now use a wet paper towel to wash my windows and mirrors with no streaks left to worry about. No spots on dishes and showers make for less time cleaning. We’ve only had our system for a couple weeks, but we are VERY happy with our purchase.

Nima was professional and courteous. He wasn’t pushy at all. He simply made his presentation and let us make our decision.

We recommend H2O to Go to anyone looking for cleaner, healthier water.”

Dale S.
February 6, 2013
From CitySearch

Excellent and Refreshing

“When we first agreed to listen to the demonstration, I didn’t think we would buy. But Nima and Tristen gave us an excellent (and comedic) demonstration on the differences between having a water softener or not. I could not believe how drastic of a difference there was. It has now been a week since our system was installed and we could not be happier. Not only are we saving money on having to purchase filtered water (the reverse osmosis system is awesome!), but our clothes have never felt softer! Ever since I did my first load of laundry with the system, I have been doing laundry almost everyday.”

Michelle N.
January 15, 2013
From InsiderPages

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